Track & Field

Track Information: 

Maximum number of athletes able to compete in track is 25. 

Milaca Community Special Olympics uses the Milaca Public Schools track. The season usually runs April - June. Athletes may compete in 3 individual events and 1 relay or the Pentathlon and 1 relay. Each athlete may be in only 1 throwing event. Please note that 400M is the distance once around the track. There are wheelchair events available, please see the Head of Delegation to find appropriate wheelchair events. Coaches can help advise placement, but athletes and/or caregivers will be required decide which activities athletes should register for.

Track events:

Individual Track Events

25M Walk or Run

50 M Walk or Run

100 M Walk or Run

200M Walk or Run

400 M Walk or Run

800 M Walk or Run

1500 M Walk or Run

Relays - 4x100M Relay or Unified Relay 

Relay teams are 4 Special Olympics athletes or Unified Relays consisting of 2 Special Athletes with 2 Unified Partners.

Field Events

Throws - This event varies with the athlete's ability to throw each object. 

Athletes may throw Tennis ball, Softball, or Shot Put.

Running Long Jump

Standing Long Jump

High Jump

The Pentathlon is a combination of the following events: 100M Run, 400M Run, Running Long Jump; High Jump and Shot Put.


Day: Wednesday nights

Time: 5:30-6:30pm

Location: Milaca High School Track

The 2024 season runs from April 3rd - June 19th.