Milaca currently only offers Basketball skills and Half Court basketball. Athletes may only compete on one team. Milaca doesnt have unified basketball teams. (Athletes competing on Half Court teams may also compete on the swimming team or Track & Field only at regional competition.) Athletes competing in Half Court MUST participate at both regioonal and state. 

Basketball is popular among Special Olympics athletes and is one of the most popular sports at Special Olympics. they offer team events along with individual skills competitions.  Athletes can train and compete in basic skills before advancing to team play. Therefore, players of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to advance individual skills, work as a team and compete at various competitions.  

Individual skills: This is for athletes who are either new to the game/team and don't feel  ready to play on a team. Individual skills is where athletes are judged on the ability to dribble, shoot, and pass in a non-team setting. There is not direct contact with other players in basketball skills. 

Half court: (Number of athletes dependent on the makeup of teams and the number of coaches.) This type of basketball is for players who might be new to the game and don't feel that they are up for or cant play full court (or would like a smaller team). Half court is 3 on 3. Athletes must also be able to run, pass, shoot and defend another teams players. 


Day: Friday evenings

Time: 5:30-6:30pm

Location: Milaca Elementary Gym

The 2024 Basketball season runs from February 23rd - June 14th.

No practice on the following dates:

March 22 

March 29

April 19 

April 26

May 24