Milaca Special Olympics Handbook

The number of athletes accepted for each sport will be determined by the number of coaches identified before practice starts.

Athletes must register each season for the sport in which they intend to participate.

Priority is given to athletes based on:

1. Prior involvement with our delegation (must have current paperwork on file)

2. New athletes must be local area residents

3. First to register and have current paperwork on file.

In order for a registration to be completed an athlete must have current forms on file with Special Olympics Minnesota, have completed all of the following, and have items turned into the Head of Delegation before practice begins.

Any participant that has not completed these requirements will not be allowed to participate.


Registration for a sport indicates that the athlete intends to participate in that sport and at the Area Competition.

Dates for each competition will be made available at the time of registration.

Regional Competitions are usually held one single day. Athletes may also compete at the state competition, but must do so in the same events as Area Competition. Bowling competition is an only state competition, no regional competition. State Competitions have events spread over 2 or 3 days. Participation in State Competitions is recommended but not required. Please let the Head of Delegation know if you intend to go to State Competitions by the 3rd day of practice. 

***Covid has changed many of the competitions.  We ask that you register with the intention to compete at the end of the season.  Registration for a sport indicates that the athlete intends to participate in that sport at the final competition.  Athlete participation will be reviewed for future registration and competitions. 

Athletes are expected to attend practice regularly. Special Olympics MN requires scores or times to be submitted prior to competitions. If you miss practice, you may not be able to compete.

COVID restrictions:  

All teams must follow COVID restrictions and regulations for practices and events.  This information can be found on the Special Olympics website at www.somn.org   Failure to follow COVID rules may result in loss of practice time or removal from events. These guidelines must be strictly followed for participation. 

Restrictions/regulations may include the following:

During practice or competition schedules if anyone (athlete, coach or volunteer) tests positive for COVID, they must notify the Head of the Delegation (HOD) to determine contact with other members. Return to practice or competition will be determined by HOD, following current advised protocols.

Unified Partners:

Special Olympics MN encourages athletes to participate with non-ID partners. Unified Partners must complete required MN Special Olympics volunteer forms. Unified Partners are expected to meet the requirements noted above for Milaca Community athletes including fees and practice requirements. Unified Partners must commit to attending both Area and State Competitions that their partner competes in. 


Our teams are funded by grants, donations, athlete fees, and fundraisers. All participants will be notified of and are strongly encouraged to be involved in fundraising opportunities.


On competition dates, athletes are expected to check in with the coach one hour prior to their designated event time. Failure to check in may result in the athlete being scratched from that event. This means they cannot participate and will not receive any awards. 


Each athlete, coach, and unified partners will receive a new uniform every three years. Uniforms will be replaced sooner for the following reasons provided an exchange is made the first day of practice.

1. Uniform no longer fits

2. Uniform is faded or otherwise defective as a result of regular wear or washing. 

3. Lost uniforms will be replaced at a cost of $15.00 per piece.

4. Replacements MUST be ordered at first practice

Expense reimbursements:

Coaches are eligible for mileage reimbursement for round trip mileage for competitions only. For competitions over 2 or more days coaches may be eligible for a partial reimbursement for hotel accommodations. Ask your Head of Delegation for more information. Forms can be found at www.somn.org. Forms must be turned into the Head of Delegation within 30 days of competition.


Information will be provided via Email, text or on our facebook site.  Mailings will be limited.   Please make sure the Head of Delegation has current information to contact you with changes in programs.

NEW as of 2023 season: Photos may be taken and posted on our Facebook Site or website Milaca Community Special Olympics.  First names may be used on the posting.  If your athlete should not be posted or name not included, please inform the HOD as soon as possible. 

you can find a copy of the whole handbook here: